How Much Will A New Kitchen Cost?

One of the first questions our clients tend to ask is ‘How much will a new kitchen cost?’ Our average kitchen cost is upwards of R280,000 but actual spend is largely dependent on each individual and the choice of materials, finishes, appliances and worktops they include within their design…And it’s this that can be the difference between spending R374,000 on a kitchen or else R1,5M for a kitchen of the exact same size!

Our best advice for establishing what a kitchen will cost you is to ask a member of our team for a quote.

Shaker kitchen design by LWK Kitchens

Typically a new kitchen price depends on:-

  • The size of the kitchen and how many units are needed.
  • Design features- for example, kitchen pull-outs are more expensive than kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  • The material, size and price group of the work surface. For example, a small quartz surface may cost from R55,000, whereas a worktop of the same size but in Dekton X gloss, book-matched, and with mitred down-stands, may cost R150,000-R200,000.
  • Our standard stone-effect kitchen door is x2.5 times less expensive than our real stone veneer.  This means if your furniture quote was R150,000 for the stone-effect door, it could be R374,000 for the real stone kitchen finish. (Please note materials selected for inclusion within a quote are always lead by client discussion).
  • Our least expensive oven option is approximately R8,400.
  • The cost of kitchen installation can also vary significantly and will depend on the size of the intended space as well as the required nature of work to be carried out.
Shaker kitchen design by LWK Kitchens
White gloss kitchen by LWK Kitchens

Tailor your new kitchen cost

Our experienced kitchen designers know the finishes and materials to include within design work to fulfil price expectations at both ends of the spectrum, along with every point in between. We recognise that skilled and professional kitchen design is also not an exercise in fantasy. Instead, it must be anchored within the reality of the budget specified by each individual client. Our design objective is therefore to realise a stylish aesthetic and functional layout which is satisfactory to our client’s budgetary expectations.

And if your new kitchen quote isn’t as you hoped…

…Should your kitchen quote prove more than you had expected or hoped than let your designer know! They have the know-how to maintain the aspects you place most value on within your design, whilst suggesting clever alternatives to bring the cost down elsewhere. We can work with you to achieve the dream kitchen concept you desire whilst still respecting your budgetary expectations.