Gloss Kitchen Colours

Beautiful and elegant, high gloss kitchens are distinguished by an appreciable glossy shine on the surface of the doors.

A stylish staple of many a modern kitchen, gloss kitchens are available in a wide selection of colours, materials and styles. This means you can easily achieve a luxurious high gloss kitchen tailored to your exact taste and requirement.

At LWK Kitchens SA we aim to provide high gloss kitchen designs which optimise aesthetic, quality, durability and price. Our high gloss doors are available in Glass, Lacquer, Laminate and Acrylic. Browse our available gloss kitchen colours and finishes below or else please contact us for further information on any of our beautiful doors…

Benefits of choosing a high gloss kitchen door include:-

  • A light reflective quality – As light hits the gloss kitchen door’s surface it is reflected back across the room to create a brighter space that appears larger in size. This makes gloss doors an effective choice for small kitchen spaces.
  • Durability – All gloss kitchens by LWK Kitchens SA are manufactured in Germany and finished to a very high standard.  Like all our doors they are built to stand the test of time, designed for longevity through everyday use, as well as resistant to the ingress of dirt and moisture.
  • Ease of cleaning – A quick wipe with a damp e-cloth is all that’s required to keep your gloss kitchen surfaces gleaming
  • Budgetdependant options – Whilst all of high quality, different grades of gloss kitchen materials are available to accommodate different budgets
  • Versatility– Gloss kitchen doors work great in combination with other materials, styles and colours including textured doors such as wood, stone and ceramic.